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Management Due Diligence that delves deeper by interrogating all publicly available data on the web.

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CEO, mid-market Private Equity firm

Uncover the true background, network & behaviours of those you invest in.

Pinpoint people risk factors quickly through our advanced intelligence. 

Improve decision-making & performance with deeper insights. 

Add a critical layer of protection against fraud & reputational risk.

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Our client, a global private equity firm, was seeking to invest in a growing tech company. We were asked to conduct management due diligence on the CEO of the company.

We uncovered negative employee reviews and serious allegations that had been made against the CEO regarding sexism and abusive behaviour in the workplace.

The insights we provided into reputational risks helped to inform the management team structure and the client's decision-making process.


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Risks are often hidden in plain sight. 

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This multi-million pound acquisition was close to completion, with due diligence and standard background checks having failed to raise any issues, when Neotas was given the business card of the key individual at the target company. 

We discovered he operated under multiple names in multiple jurisdictions, that he had been involved in numerous scandals and fraud cases, and that he had been the target of an assassination attempt. 

We identified a network of 15 individuals connected to the business and discovered that a second company that had supplied considerable funds was owned by a middleman. 


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 Risks are often hidden in plain sight on the surface web, deep and dark web. We harness this untapped source to...